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Translation Services In Toronto

Translation services in Toronto have never been more convenient than ever before. EUROLOGOS-TORONTO agency in Toronto, Canada, offers their clients interpreting, translation, and localization services for their business or individual needs. With years of experience, our agency guarantees to provide you with the best translation services, as well as rapid delivery and 24/7 availability of customer support. EUROLOGOS-TORONTO pledges certified translation services that are approved in all the foremost institutes of Toronto. Experienced translators go through a demanding and complicated selection process at EUROLOGOS-TORONTO, guaranteeing that your translations are reliable representations of your original texts. We are here to assist you at all the stages and levels of your applications, assuring you that your translations are good to proceed further. Feel free to stop by at our office in Vaughan and get your documents translated for either citizenship of Canada, immigration, refuges, or any other purpose.

Eurologos-toronto Offers The Best Professional Translation Services.

All your methodical translation needs are met at EUROLOGOS-TORONTO, for we specialize in high-quality documents translation services and at a fast pace. Our work flawlessly exceeds language barriers, empowering the world at your figure tips and making your job hassle-free. Our professional translators are waiting for you; so, think no more and jump on the board now, for we are here to help you with all your translation needs. Professional translation services are paramount in this multilingual world. Whether you require medical records interpreted to the French language, legal transcripts translated to German, or certified translation from English to Chinese, we are enthusiastic about creating an experience for you that will fulfil all your expectations of your document translations.

Cutting-edge Translation Service In Toronto.

The world’s international marketplaces give you limitless business prospects but also offer endless language obstacles. We aim to bring the world into focus, eliminating all the language barriers and presenting multinational companies the comprehensive knowledge that gives them the supremacy to step across cultural boundaries. Our translation services in Toronto ensure that each client is dealt with exceptional translation expertise, making sure that their workplace is running smoothly and strengthening their business relationships. As the world progresses with high technology, we tend to keep up and share our expert knowledge with everyone. Toronto offer the following facilities to their clients:

  • Medical Translations
  • Legal Translations
  • Business Translations
  • Marketing Translations
  • Website Translations
  • Technical Translations
  • Certified Translations

    • Canadian and international driver’s licenses.
    • Work letters, resumes, employers’ referral letters.
    • Canadian and international school diplomas and degrees.
    • Canadian and international passports and passport stamps.
    • ATIO and affidavits.
    • Birth certificates, marriage certificates, divorce certificates, police clearances.


    • Legal translations: contracts, agreements, etc.
    • Technical translations: operating and user manuals, brochures, etc.
    • Marketing material and websites.
    • Transcriptions of tapes, videos, MP3, etc.
    • Desk top publishing, page layout and typesetting.
    • Interpretation services for courts, hospitals, corporate meetings, etc.

    How to order our services

    You are welcome to stop by at our office in Vaughan and get your documents translated for Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada or for any other purpose. You can also send us your documents by email at or to our Language Broker Sonia at Your translation will be ready for pick up at our office or mailed to any address in Canada at no cost (Canada Post).

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