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Absolute and accurate translation is the foremost principal provider of legal documents in Toronto. EUROLOGOS-TORONTO offers a cost-effective and speedy translation of your marriage certificate. To utilize a marriage as a legal document in another country, it becomes obligatory that you get the translation of the certificate in the language of that country. If you got married overseas, most likely, you would have the marriage certificate in another language that you require to get translated into English for use in your current country. In addition, marriage certificate translations are often required for official circumstances where you are required to verify your identity and marital statuses, such as applying for mortgages, court cases, opening bank accounts, divorces, legally changing your name, visa application, and more.
Your professional translator will be a native interpreter in the language you require a translation into. Our expert translators have years of certified experience in the translation industry. We will verify your translated document, which means signing and stamping every page to authenticate to the precision and certainty of the translation so that your marriage certificate translated document becomes official right on its own.
Our marriage certificates are documented and recognized by Canada’s official bodies such as the courts and the Home office. As well, the authorities officially accept our translations into many other languages in another country. We have years of knowledge and expert skills in translating official personal documents and are expert linguists familiar with the exact terminology and formatting required to translate a marriage certificate accurately and completely to the satisfaction of government officials nationwide.
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